Our Story 

Balmanno is a new sustainable sportswear brand based in the heart of New Zealand. Our goal is to bring you innovative sportswear that is eco-friendly.

‘We’re determined that our designs will live on in your wardrobe and not at a landfill site.’

At Balmanno the environment is important to us, this is why we make the most sustainable clothing we can. We always strive to make the best clothing for our customers, while having a positive impact on our world. We don't just focus on the clothing, all of our packaging is biodegradable too.



Our Values

Sustainability - We take great care to ensure the processes and materials that make all of our clothing are economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable.

Durability - Clothing as tough as your workouts. We don’t compromise on quality, so you can be confident your pants won’t split, on even your deepest squats.

Longevity - We’re not fans of fast-fashion, our timeless designs still look good year to year and will live on in your wardrobe and not at a landfill site.

Form-fitting - We want our designs to be functional and aesthetic. Look your best while performing at your best.

Positive impactBy wearing Balmanno, you’re supporting us in our mission to make the world a better place, one workout at a time.