Vol 1 - Our Why?

Balmanno was born from personal experiences and a burning desire to revolutionize sportswear. As a once-overweight, out-of-breath kid picked last in gym class, I longed for functional and comfortable clothing. This inspired me to pursue Performance Sportswear Design at Falmouth University, where I learned to create purposeful designs tailored to the human physique and movement.


Entering the fashion industry, I witnessed the detrimental environmental impact of clothing production. Determined to make a change, I discovered RPET - a low-impact plastic, recycled into fabric. But I didn't stop there. To tackle the environmental crisis, we go a step further by manufacturing our RPET fabric from physically collected plastic, reducing waste polluting our rivers, oceans and landfills.


Packaging waste became our next focus. All our packaging materials, from polybags to mailing bags, are 100% biodegradable. Made from processed corn starch, they easily break down in home composts. Our swing tags are crafted from recycled cardboard, ensuring that our packaging materials leave no trace behind.


At Balmanno, our commitment is to create technical sportswear that respects both performance and the planet. Join us in our journey to redefine sportswear, leaving a lasting legacy of sustainability.